Blake Evans and his Dad and a Lambton County icon or two

Blake and his dad were flying back from a Pelee Island Pheasant hunt back in the 70’s.  Dad suggested we land at a small grass strip for lunch at the local restaurant near Reece’s Corners. We had a nice lunch and carried on. 

December 2013 Blake was at a local Presbyterian Christmas Eve church service.  After the service he was chatting with the Minister about activities and places they had been.  The Minister said before she got the call to go into Ministry she and her husband had ran a restaurant near a grass strip.  The Minister’s husband asked if we had ever flown to a small grass strip near a little place called Reece’s Corners.  I told them about the trip back from Pelee and how much my Dad enjoyed his lunch at that little restaurant and his friend was Ormie Middleton.  The Minister and her husband both were surprised that my dad knew Ormie.  I asked how they knew Ormie and they said because they were the restaurant operators at that time. What a small world!